Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's On Your Wall Wednesday!!!

Ode to Barb from What's On Your Wall Wednesday. That's what I think artwork and wall accessories are. Just like your jewelry sets the tone of your outfit - I think artwork does the same for your home. I will step in Temporarily for Barb until she can return. **Also, please add the logo to the comment and I will add it, as I dont have Mr. Linkys right now. So everyone will know you are participating.** Gina and I are also working on a SURPRISE coming soon!! 1.Nina's Nest2. Charlotte 3. Florida Sue 4. Linda Q 5. 6. Candy7. Kathy8. Kathy (KBeau) 9. Kay C. 11. 12. 13. Letters From Midlife 14.Suzie's Cottage 15. You're next! Art is Definitely in the Eye of the Beholder...Above is a Painting I acquired in the early 80's. The story goes in the early 1900's it was OK go into famous museums and copy works of Art. That was what this painting was suppose to have been. It then traveled to Sicily and then to the U.S. in the 1960's. It ended up at my hair dresser's in the 80's when his Grandfather died and left it him. I bought it in 1981. Above is a Stained Glass my dad made a few years ago. I love it as much as I love the expensive painting. Best to you Barb. Kate


Barb @ GritsandGlamour said...

Oh I am so happy to see this up and running. Thank you so much!!!!
You are a doll!

I can't wait to grab a few minutes and go see everyone's posts. I am so thankful to you for carrying on this event. HUGS!!!

Suzie said...

Hi, Kate!
Kate, I guess i didn't understand what i need to do to participate in "What's on you wall Wednesday!!"
By the way I love your topiary tips posting!!

Amy J said...

Kate, I remember that your dad was reall into stained glass. Beautiful!