Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring in Jolly Ole England

I've been missing England, next Month in April it will be a year since I have visited, I have no plans to go this year, so I thought I would take a trip down Memory Lane and take you along with me. Above, Kate at Egg Farm along the road side in Cornwall.

A favorite Pub south of London.
A Quaint Walk
Peaking in someone's Garden.
Thatched Cottage
More Thatched Roofs.
Down by the River at Lerryn, these cottages are for
let. (Rent)
Lovely Walled Garden.
Daffodils in Bloom at Hampstead Heath.
View up the Hill.
Who would ever want to go home? One of my favorite photo's of me at a Cabinet
Shoppe in London.
See you again next year.


Barb @ GritsandGlamour said...

Oh my! It's been much longer than one year since I was in the UK or Europe. We were supposed to have gone last year, but keeping the Baby Grand was more important. Maybe this Fall? I wish the dollar was stronger. sigh! Your pictures brought back some wonderful memories...thanks for sharing.

Amy J said...

Lovely photos Kate. You can't beat an English Spring!

gina said...

Well you won't be in England this April but I will be with you in Charleston. I know I know it is not the same but we will have fun and pretend we are walking the land at Hill Top. xoxo gina

Suzie said...

Those photos are just beautiful!
I went to England in 80's while i was traveling around Europe. I was so fascinated by those small towns and villages that I visited and always wanted to go back someday.
Oh!! I wish soon!!!

funkymonkey said...

What a lovely set of photos - and did I spot Bibury in there? It all looked very summery and warmwhich is just what we need now.

Angie said...

What beautiful pictures. I've never been to England, so it was nice to go on this visual blog tour of it. Thanks.