Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Anyone who knows me knows I love Topiaries!! I cant say why, I love the shapes, the Englishness about them, in gardens, in the house, in wallpaper, stationary, paintings!! Is there such a thing as tooooo many topiares? So because I am the Queen of Projects, I have decided to make some topiaries. I will go to some local garden shoppes and look for the plant matter I will need. I definitely won't be making any in animal shapes.

Though I always liked going to Epcot each year in
May and seeing the Topiary Displays.
Mine will be more in the traditional shapes as below.
You can buy many forms like these to train your plants
to grown on.
But I have decided to make and shape my own
forms, using thin wire, they won't look as professional
or pretty as these, but once the plants grow the
idea isn't to see the forms, but the shape of the
plant growing.
I've grown Bonzai' before and it was quite a little
challenge, but I've never been afraid of a Challenge.
The problem with Bonzai is to keep them alive.
In South Carolina we have the perfect climate
for growing Rosemary, I may try one or two of
them .
But most likely I will get ivy and boxwood. But I
will keep an open mind and see what the shoppes
have to offer. I have great pots I will re use for
Hopefully mine will come out like this.
Best to you.