Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Treasures Found!!!

Gina and I went to this Great Shoppe, in Summerville, SC, I've been wanting to go since I moved and never found the chance. We spent an hour digging through the wonderful Treasures. It is called Marigolds located on short Central Ave. Short Central Ave. is a cobblestone street, closed off to traffic, designed for only pedestrians to walk upon. It's a Mixture of Old and New!! A Mother and Daughter Venture!!

Me taking a Photo of Me...

Monday, April 27, 2009

So Much to Show!!!

Day One......Friday. What to do, what to do. Shopping, celebrating or Smell the Flowers!!! Gina on a rooftop restaurant over looking the Charleston Market!! Cheers.... Which one? You think I need one for every outfit???

Courtyard at Charleston Place
The lobby at Charleston Place
Foxglove Kate and Gina at the Market..... Friends Reunited......

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sneak Peak!!!

This is just a sneak peak, at what Gina and I are seeing.......

Jack Russell who definitely did not
want his photo taken!!!
See ya soon!!!
Kate and Gina

Friday, April 24, 2009

Gina's In The House!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!!!

Happy Earth Day, I don;t want to START preaching....but I did want to say a few things, TODAY on EARTH DAY!!!!! If everyone reading this would just make a firm decision to change today, just one little thing in the their life, Like not buying water bottles, or to recycle everything you get your hands on, even at work....... Use the new light bulbs that are out there, Teach children and Grandchildren to respect the Earth by doing these things, we could hopefully make a difference. Can you imagine, if you and your neighbors, and Family and Friends, all started today, just doing ONE THING different tomorrow and forever What a big impact that could be!!!!

Get your own personalized Grocery Bags!!!
In the 70's I used to drive across town, once
a week to recycle before they had recycling
at your curb, I have never bought Water bottles
I've always taken my own glass to work and In the
car, just because. Plant a tree this weekend,,,, with your children
or Grandkids!!!!!
Make a Veggie Garden with your kids, if you don't
have a yard, use containers, get an Earth Box.
My daughter lives in Downtown Chicago and
does this, you can't believe the tomato's, zucchini,
lettuce, radishes......she grows all in containers. bags are everywhere!!!!
We never called it "Green" in the 70's we just did it
because it would
make the world a better place. Now we have
to do it, we don't have a choice anymore,
think of our Grandkids and their Kids.
I guess I was fashionably cool without
even knowing it!!!
Hope your are tooooooo!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baking For Gina!!!

I decided I would get some baking done before Gina gets here so we could have something nice to munch on. I love to bake on Sunday mornings don't ask me why, but I love it... I decided on Raspberry Muffins..

I love this little Tea Towel I found!!
Here they are ready for us to Eat!
See Ya Soon , Gina.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Breakfast Is Served!!!

~Menu~ Scones
served with cotted cream, lemon curd assortment of jellies
Pot of Tea
assortment of Black Teas from England Fresh Fruit
seasonal your choice Eggs
made your way
Our Scones are Baked Fresh that Morning from Kate's Kitchen and served Outdoors on the Veranda....with the Morning Itinerary

Who Has Time For Shopping????

I can always make time for SHOPPING later!!!

I don't know if everyone knows the BIG NEWS!!!
Gina is coming to VISIT, that's right long lost Friends
will be united!! Not really long lost. But Friends. The
last time Gina and I saw each other was the day after
Thanksgiving when we went on an 8 hour shopping
spree!! It was great. I moved to Charleston two weeks
after that and we have not seen each other since. Months
ago Gina told me she was coming to visit and planned the trip.
She was wonderful enough to buy us
two tickets to go the BILTMORE HOUSE in Asheville NC
So y'all will be the lucky recipients to see our entire trip
in photos. As I will be photographing every second.

However this week, I am cleaning, cleaning!!

Getting ready for Gina's anticipated trip!!

Our itinerary is as follows:

Thursday.......dinner at Kate's place, a la fresca

Friday.....downtown Charleston, shopping and

sight seeing all the historic homes,

Ghost Tour!!!

Sat......Biltmore House back to Summerville the Azalea's

are still blooming, its definitely Spring in SC.

Can't Wait for Gina's......


Friday, April 17, 2009

La Plates

I love Monograms and I love Dinnerware so how cool is this.
You can PINK your own colors and font.
They have a wonderful selection of designs to choose from.
I am getting a plate for all of my crew
not all the same design though
we are each picking our own.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Postcard wallpaper

I love this picture it reminds me of Kate.
It is postcards mainly of flowers put on wall as wallpaper.
Kate loves flowers and gardening and she is a collector of postcards and stationery.
I think this is very creative idea .
What better way to display and enjoy something you love and collect.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Comes First?

It's Spring in Charleston and nothing is better than being outdoors, digging in the dirt. It came to mind, as in everything I do. Do I need great looking Accessories??? Well of course. So what comes first the Gardening or the Accessories!!! Aren't these the most beautiful Wellies you've ever seen? Definitely, look like Spring to me!!! But if I was going to work in the Garden and then run to the store with no time to change. It would definitely be these!! They would always be fab!!! Spring, Summer (Polo Matches) Fall and Winter....I would be proud to be seen in these myself or any of my friends in these for that matter!!! But of course if it got really Hot one Spring Day, while I was working away I could always try these Slide on's........ Then I was thinking if my FEET look great. I really need the rest of me to be all pulled together too!!! So how about some Garden Gloves to keep my Manicure perfect while working sooooo hard....... Aren't these Beautiful????? But what if I wanted gloves to go with all my patterned Wellies? Maybe I should get a solid color. So many decisions!!!!! I think these will work, stylish, colorful and looks like I could go Mountain climbing if the urge struck!!! And what about my poor little Head? I think I need a hat to shelter my skin from the harmful suns rays.......Haa , who Am I kidding? I lived in Florida 21 years and never wore a hat. I don't really think this looks like my style....SO How about this?????? I think this is more my will be perfect... And though this bag seems to hold everything I could possibly need to Garden even the Knee Pad..... I think I'll get this GEM, it's more me!!! Now that all my Gardening Accessorizes are selected and I'm fully dressed. Am I ready to Garden??? Yes, you think, you should know better......I've couldn't stop thinking about it all night. A New Potting Bench. Maybe....... Definitely this One!!!! So does designing ever end? You know the answer to that, everyday is a new Day with more possibilities Designing Never Ends!!!! For more Great Gardening Ideas..... Ck out this great Website I used Katie