Sunday, March 29, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday!!

Welcome, this my first Metamorphosis Monday. I'm not quite done with my project, but I wanted to join so here it is. Please visit Between Naps on the Porch to see everyone!!

I bought a cabinet, for more storage and to
use as a bar. Most people would like it just
as it was but not me, I had to change it
totally. I was trying to match the rest of
my Morning Room (breakfast nook, in the
rest of the country)
Here it is before, notice one stripe of
green paint on side that I was testing.
I painted the cabinet, cream like my welsh
cabinet. I use oil paint.
I bought some great green glass knobs, that I
I'm going to mirror the back of the cabinet, as
soon as I get to the hardward store with measurements,
I can cut my own glass, as i do stained glass. Where you
see black will be mirror.
This is the top, used as a bar.
As you can see, its starting to fit right in with my
welsh cabinet. I hope it have it done by next week.
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The Cup Was a Big Mudder.....

It all started about 6 weeks ago, we had to pick out the perfect hat for the Carolina Cup, the biggest Horse Event in SC. Anna and I shopped all the stores looking for the best Hat. This was our favorite, after looking at the price tag, we decided we could make our own and after all they would be originals!!! The weeks were ticking by and finally the day approached. It rained from High Heavens, from morning to night. But like the Postman it was not going to stop us. We had a two hour drive ahead of us. The guys had set up the tent the night before, the DJ was there, the food was prepared, was a little rain storm going to stop us??? No. By the time we got there, it had rained 2 inches, the mud was 4 inches deep. I didn't want to get out of the car!! My new shoes!!! So we took our shoes off and walked in the rain with umbrellas to C33. 33 tents from our parking space!! Barefoot. Not too many hats were seen, not too many horses were seen. One of the prettiest Hats is pictured below!! The most fashionable were the Wellies!! Coach Wellies!! Dancing Wellies!! Picture of Anna's hat, since you won't see it on her head. Photo of my Hat. Good looking group of boys, before a day in the rain. The Rain didn't dampen the spirits.. The only Horses that won would be the Mudders.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Story of Peter Rabbit.....

Last April Kate was in Jolly ole' England. She shopped high and low to find something special to bring back for Gina. She finally came upon a wonderful Peter Rabbit Cup in Turro, Cornwall.

It was a fine white porcelain cup made by

Queen's China exclusively for The Beatrix

Potter Collection. Kate gently packed it in

her luggage so it wouldn't be damaged on its

long 3,000 mile journey home. It made it

through Customs, and into Kate's car where

she would drive it to Venice, Florida to see

Gina. While Kate was repacking her car on

one of her many ventures from South Florida

to Central Florida, the handle grabbed on

to something and the Peter Rabbit cup and

bag it was in fell to the asphalt parking lot

and crumbled!!! Kate was so upset, she

hadn't looked at it until today, when I took

it out of my trunk and glued it together.

And here it is Gina, just for you!! Above a photo of my messy table while making our projects all day!!! Anna and I are working on our Carolina Cup hat's. I am also working on Gina and My new secret project for our upcoming Post.

What's On Your Wall Wednesday!!!

Ode to Barb from What's On Your Wall Wednesday. That's what I think artwork and wall accessories are. Just like your jewelry sets the tone of your outfit - I think artwork does the same for your home. I will step in Temporarily for Barb until she can return. **Also, please add the logo to the comment and I will add it, as I dont have Mr. Linkys right now. So everyone will know you are participating.** Gina and I are also working on a SURPRISE coming soon!! 1.Nina's Nest2. Charlotte 3. Florida Sue 4. Linda Q 5. 6. Candy7. Kathy8. Kathy (KBeau) 9. Kay C. 11. 12. 13. Letters From Midlife 14.Suzie's Cottage 15. You're next! Art is Definitely in the Eye of the Beholder...Above is a Painting I acquired in the early 80's. The story goes in the early 1900's it was OK go into famous museums and copy works of Art. That was what this painting was suppose to have been. It then traveled to Sicily and then to the U.S. in the 1960's. It ended up at my hair dresser's in the 80's when his Grandfather died and left it him. I bought it in 1981. Above is a Stained Glass my dad made a few years ago. I love it as much as I love the expensive painting. Best to you Barb. Kate

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whats on my wall

This is a pencil drawing I did my first year of college.
It is Da Vinci's Lady with an Ermine.
It hangs in my foyer.
Okay Kate it is now your turn to show some of the paintings you have done.
xoxo Gina

Welcome to What's On Your Wall Wednesday,
hosted by Barb at Grits and Glamour.
Be sure to go check out her site and see what she is
showing today, as well as everyone else joining
in on Wall Wednesday!!!
The above oil painting is one that was painted in 1961.
My Grandmother painted (as well as my mother)
I have three paintings my Grandmother did over the
years, she didnt work and all her kids were grown
by then.
This painting is one of a series that my Gramma did in Europe
when my Grandfather traveled there to work. Gramma would
either go out for the day and paint or paint from postcards
Grandpa sent home, they are not great, they mean so much to me.
Last is a Parisian painting. Gramma did in 1963. This is one
of my favorites. It hangs in my living room. Again its mostly
for the memories of her being able to live that great life
of painting in Europe.
See ya next Wed.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Anyone who knows me knows I love Topiaries!! I cant say why, I love the shapes, the Englishness about them, in gardens, in the house, in wallpaper, stationary, paintings!! Is there such a thing as tooooo many topiares? So because I am the Queen of Projects, I have decided to make some topiaries. I will go to some local garden shoppes and look for the plant matter I will need. I definitely won't be making any in animal shapes.

Though I always liked going to Epcot each year in
May and seeing the Topiary Displays.
Mine will be more in the traditional shapes as below.
You can buy many forms like these to train your plants
to grown on.
But I have decided to make and shape my own
forms, using thin wire, they won't look as professional
or pretty as these, but once the plants grow the
idea isn't to see the forms, but the shape of the
plant growing.
I've grown Bonzai' before and it was quite a little
challenge, but I've never been afraid of a Challenge.
The problem with Bonzai is to keep them alive.
In South Carolina we have the perfect climate
for growing Rosemary, I may try one or two of
them .
But most likely I will get ivy and boxwood. But I
will keep an open mind and see what the shoppes
have to offer. I have great pots I will re use for
Hopefully mine will come out like this.
Best to you.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring in Jolly Ole England

I've been missing England, next Month in April it will be a year since I have visited, I have no plans to go this year, so I thought I would take a trip down Memory Lane and take you along with me. Above, Kate at Egg Farm along the road side in Cornwall.

A favorite Pub south of London.
A Quaint Walk
Peaking in someone's Garden.
Thatched Cottage
More Thatched Roofs.
Down by the River at Lerryn, these cottages are for
let. (Rent)
Lovely Walled Garden.
Daffodils in Bloom at Hampstead Heath.
View up the Hill.
Who would ever want to go home? One of my favorite photo's of me at a Cabinet
Shoppe in London.
See you again next year.