Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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The above oil painting is one that was painted in 1961.
My Grandmother painted (as well as my mother)
I have three paintings my Grandmother did over the
years, she didnt work and all her kids were grown
by then.
This painting is one of a series that my Gramma did in Europe
when my Grandfather traveled there to work. Gramma would
either go out for the day and paint or paint from postcards
Grandpa sent home, they are not great, they mean so much to me.
Last is a Parisian painting. Gramma did in 1963. This is one
of my favorites. It hangs in my living room. Again its mostly
for the memories of her being able to live that great life
of painting in Europe.
See ya next Wed.


Candy said...

Nothing better than family treasures. I always suggest taping a photo and story of how the painting came to be...for those that come after. Adds so much to know who, what, when and why.
Thanks for stopping by RockCandy

gina said...

very nice. Don't you have something you painted? Let's see it.

Kim Chalfant said...

I love paintings by family members. It just means so much more!!! Thanks for sharing.

KBeau said...

I think your grandmother's paintings are absolutely beautiful. I know you're glad to have them.

mbkatc230 said...

These are beautiful and so precious that your grandmother painted them. I love the Parisian street scene in particular.

Linda said...

I love those paintings! How special that your grandmother painted them! My MIL paints and we have 3 large paintings of hers in our kitchen/keeping room. She paints sort of in the style of Grandma Moses...simple, but lovely.
Thanks for stopping by! Linda

Amy J said...

Kate, they are beautiful! Even more so with the story behind them. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Suzie said...

I have some of my grandma's art work too. Thank you for sharing!