Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Story of Peter Rabbit.....

Last April Kate was in Jolly ole' England. She shopped high and low to find something special to bring back for Gina. She finally came upon a wonderful Peter Rabbit Cup in Turro, Cornwall.

It was a fine white porcelain cup made by

Queen's China exclusively for The Beatrix

Potter Collection. Kate gently packed it in

her luggage so it wouldn't be damaged on its

long 3,000 mile journey home. It made it

through Customs, and into Kate's car where

she would drive it to Venice, Florida to see

Gina. While Kate was repacking her car on

one of her many ventures from South Florida

to Central Florida, the handle grabbed on

to something and the Peter Rabbit cup and

bag it was in fell to the asphalt parking lot

and crumbled!!! Kate was so upset, she

hadn't looked at it until today, when I took

it out of my trunk and glued it together.

And here it is Gina, just for you!! Above a photo of my messy table while making our projects all day!!! Anna and I are working on our Carolina Cup hat's. I am also working on Gina and My new secret project for our upcoming Post.


Miss Kris said...

Ohhh Kate! Little Peter Rabbit had a wonderful journey and traveled over 3000 to find his way home to Gina. He saw so many things on his journey. He may have arrived a bit broken and a little wobbly but without these little tiny flaws Little Peter Rabbit would be without his lovely character. I think this is such a cute little story. Simply Precious!!!

Amy J said...

What is a Carolina Cup Hat???

gina said...

Hello Peter nice to finely see you.
What a story Kate. maybe we can find one when I am visiting you in April.

vicki archer said...

I love Peter Rabbit china - so fun he has found a new home. Have a lovely weekend, xv.