Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tea Towels

Whether you frame them for fabulous wall hangings,
wrap them around wine bottles for fantastic hostess gifts,
or use them for drying dishes,
these towels are as practical as they are beautiful.
These cotton tea towels are embroidered with tropical birds and bordered with ladder hemstitching. Available with Cockatoo, Lovebirds, Perruche, and Parrot.
Embroidered Vegetables Embroidered with colorful produce, these cotton tea towels have a pretty hemstitched border. Available in Carrot, Leek, Eggplant, Radish, and Turnip. Colmar Pure white, pure linen tea towel is hand embroidered with a beautiful blue rooster and trimmed with ladder hemstitching. Espelette Handsome textured tea towels with triple borders come in six colors. Cotton and linen. From left to right: Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Wheat & Ecru. Teapot Here is my handle, here is my spout … Cheerful cotton tea towels feature a column of little tea pots all lined up along colorful stripes. In rose and green. Yves Delorme is internationally acclaimed for its fine European linens and accessories for the home. It is part of the family-owned French company, Fremaux Delorme, which has produced fine linens since 1845.


kate said...

Gina, thanks for the great posting
dont forget the great TEA Towel I got you in England, it was from

Nicol said...

I love tea towels! The first one that you showed, the tropical birds, is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these!

Blondie's Journal said...


I really loved each and every towel. If they are to be used for something mundane, it's nice to have something pretty!! Just maybe these are too pretty to be doing mundane things with! Anyway....just wanted to say I love the post. :-)


Amy Jemima said...

Ooh, I have a bit of a tea towel fetish! Great find! Love the tropical birds and the vegetables. Now do they come with matching aprons, my other kitchen fetish...

Anonymous said...

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