Friday, February 27, 2009

Easter Goodies

For those of you who may not know Easter is Kate's favorite holiday.
Since Easter is fast approaching I thought I would give a sneak preview of what is out there.
So here is to you Kate
Nest with Truffle-filled Eggs The lovely creation is crafted from California-grown oak moss, lavender, oak leaves, yellow feverfew and dried miniature roses, whose young buds recall the sweetness of spring.
It comes with 24 “robins’ eggs” – actually chocolate truffles cloaked in white chocolate and finished with a speckled candy shell. Enchanted Filled Easter Egg Handcrafted German papier-mâché egg bears a colorful decoupage pattern inspired by an early-20th-century postcard. Inside the hollow keepsake egg, nestled in a bed of grass, is a delightful assortment of springtime treasures: a handmade milk chocolate bunny; three foil-wrapped chicks and a carrot molded of Guittard milk chocolate; a trio of handmade art candy lollipops from Holland; and artisanal jellybeans from a well-known American confectionery. Feather Ducks Downy ducklings are as endearing as their real-life counterparts. Each is fashioned entirely by hand, from attaching the soft feathers and glittering beaded eyes to painting the beaks.
Vintage Bunny Band Kitchen Towels Outfit the kitchen for spring baking and entertaining. Towels are printed with a merry trio of musical bunnies and their conductor, a nostalgic design based on postcards from the 1930s.
Vintage Bunny Band Platter Taken from 1930s postcards, the image of a band of bunny musicians adds a playful note to our round platter. The porcelain piece is embossed with a basketweave border and painted with a green accent.
Giant Bunny Cookies
Truffle-filled Eggs in Box A gift of great charm even before it's opened, this oval box is filled with candy eggs. Their centers are luscious chocolate truffles surrounded by layers of dark chocolate, all covered with a thin candy shell in speckled pastel shades. The effect is irresistible; the taste, exquisite.
All items can be purchased at Williams-Sonoma


Nicol said...

OOoooo! Those are great! I love Easter too! I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday followed very closely by Easter. I got the new Pottery Barn catalog in the mail yesterday and loved the Easter table set up in there. Thanks for sharing I will have to check these things out.

Amy Jemima said...

That is THE MOST fabulous Easter basket I have ever seen. Can only imagine how it smells too!

kate said...

Hi, thanks so much for thinking of
me, I love each one so much,
the nest of course reminds me of spring and the nests
I gave away to friends and family two years ago,
and Robins Eggs (not truffles)
but the malted milk kind are my favorite,
The large egg, I have one similar to that I got in England
about 6 yrs ago, when I went on the trip from M & M,
Jan and I were there for Easter.
And of course what can I say about the tea towels,
other than I love them!!! Thanks again, kate

Suzie said...

I went out shopping yesterday with my friend for the Easter event for her children and I ended up buying a few baskets for myself.
Easter baskets are so beautiful that i don't even want to eat them.
:D Suzie

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Kate & Gina!

These Easter goodies are FABULOUS! I LOVE Easter and all the adorable things that come with it!! I do not forget the real Christian meaning of Resurrection Day, which lives in my heart. But the other things are so much fun! And the thought of tulips & daffodils lift anyone's spirits!

Hugs, Sherry

I will enter both of you in my giveaway drawing!


I love your easter post!


Fifi Flowers said...

YUM... I can't wait to raid my kids' Easter baskets... note to self... buy items they don't like along with ones they do like... lolol

pve design said...

oh goodie - I adore bunnies and Easter, can Spring be far? We still have snow...
lovely blog here.