Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gina and Kate...Two Pea's In a Pod

The Story of Two Pea's In a Pod......Gina and I share our blog together. We can both post anything at any time. This came to pass when I ran away from home to be with a fine Englishman that swept me off my Feet. I moved from my hometown of 21 years to start a new life with this unnamed Englishman. I had a grand going away party at The Ritz Carlton, a High Tea with champagne for 8 of my closest girlfriends. Gina and I missed each other so much. We had worked together in Interior Design about 10 years previous but had stayed in touch throughout the years. I came up with the idea of a shared blog to stay in touch. Phone calls and emails didn't seem to be enough for us. I saw a special with Martha Stewart on blogging and it seemed a great idea, even though Gina nor I had ever tryed blogging. Now months later, we have a whole gaggle (group, as in geese) of followers, who all seem to share same interests as Gina and I. Funnily enough, Amy from Artichokes & Lemonade , was one of my young employees from years ago (15 to be exact) when I managed a furniture/ design store. We met again, through blogging, thanks, Amy for the mention in your posting. So Old Friends, become New Friends, with love and laughter...... that is the song that sticks in my head, it is from one of favorite movies .....Deja Vu. See old posting on "The White Cliffs of Dover". Our gaggle follows; DESIGN mostly English, French and Shabby Chic. Reading, movies, (Romantic, English and French Period) Antiques, Dishes, Art, Crafts, Wallpaper etc, etc. and the Love of Beatrix Potter. Our loves are many that bind us together. What a world we live in. That we can stay connected daily in this internet age. And as for the Englishman that sweep me off my feet, that is now why I am in South Carolina, because the Fantasy was not quite the Reality. And so we start again. Thanks, to all our Readers, Kate. Above, Gina's Newly Re-wallpapered Kitchen Right above, Kate's entry to Living Room.


gina said...

What a beautiful post Kate.
I want everyone you sees this to know that I just ( a few months before) had given birth to my 4th large baby and I don't always look that way at the Ritz Carleton High Tea picture.
Also, I want everyone to know that Kate and I hit it off right from the start and she even introduced me to my husband.
;-) LOL the one way road and the steep ditch :O) oh the things girls do for love!
Kate and I share many of same interests one of the being the Lake District as you can see from out blog wouldn't it be fun to one day plan a gaggle trip there and all of us bloggers meet.

carolinajewel said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! I really enjoyed y'all's! It is so nice to meet new friends! :D Jewel


What a wonderful friendship, I stumbled into blogging never realizing the wonderful people i would encounter! True Friendship are far and few between, it's wonderful to see how much your cherish each other.


Amy Jemima said...

What a lovely post Kate! Thanks for mentioning my blog, and it was so nice to "find" each other again. You were such a great influence on my and such a stong mentor. I can't wait to see you again and catch up on all the years since we've last seen each other and hope to some day meet Gina too. That is very cool to learn that you introduced her to her husband! Four girls later... good job!