Sunday, February 15, 2009

1658 verses 2009

A Girl is a Girl.......
I just finished watching Girl With a Pearl Earring, for probably the
6th time. Griet was a 16 year old girl living in Holland in the mid
1600's. She had to go to work as a maid after her father,
who worked in one of the infamous Delft Tile Factories,
had an accident in the factory
and went blind.
Griet worked for another family across town. She suffered
humiliation but also learned vast knowledge about herself and
other parts of the world other than her own little corner.
She grew as a woman and decided
what she wanted for herself. Ultimately making all her own
Last night, I went to the movies and we saw "Confessions of a Shopaholic"
Rebecca is a 20 something girl living in New York City girl who has a little problem that is turning into a big problem. She's addicted to shopping!! While Rebecca has dreams of working for a fashion magazine, her career takes another turn and her column becomes popular.Turning her into an overnight celebrity. She also struggles with decisions about who she is and what to do with her
life. Rebecca turns her life around and becomes the woman she always
wanted to be.
Life is funny, whether you were born Across the Pond in the wee old
days or here in the States, trying to keep your head above water,
we all have the same lessons to learn. The girls with the brains win
out and live happily ever after.........Till next time.


Amy Jemima said...

What a lovely post Kate, and a very relevant point. Even modern girls with normally comfortable lives are struggling at the moment to keep their heads above water. For me right now, I hope you're right and with my hard work, will come out on top in the end! :-)

Blondie's Journal said...


You are right on with Rebecca Bloomwood~she can be a little ditzy but she has common sense and is honest, a great combination. I haven't seen the movie but I read the books. Isla Fisher is perfect for the part!

Thank you for visiting my blog. How coincidental that you lived in South Bend. It is a sweet little town & has any cultural places to visit! (It's own symphony orchestra!). We had dinner at the Tippacanoe Place (The old Studebaker Mansion), very nice...

I like yours & Gina's blog, I will visit again!!

Happy rest of the weekend!! :-)


gina said...

I do love "Girl with a pearl earring" I will have to watch the movie on Rebecca. great pics of tiles Kate.

Nicol said...

I loved the movie, Girl with a pearl earring! Life really has changed since 1658, but I think in some ways for the good. There may be a few things that might be nice to have around still.

Love your blog so I am giving you a blog award, please stop by to get it!

michelle said...

The Girl with the Pearl Earing is one of my favorite paintings...I have seen it many times.

Can't wait to see Shopoholic...I read 3 of the books.