Monday, February 2, 2009

Book Tag

Book Tag I found this great tag on Tres Poshe Preppy, blog site.
Here are the rules:
1) Grab the nearest book to you. 2) Open it to page 56. 3) Find the 5th sentence. 4) Post the text of the next 2-5 sentences and these rules. 5) Pick the closest book (not your favorite, cool, or intellectual). 6) Now Tag 5 other bloggers!
My book (above) next to my orchid in bloom, is
The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds
All right call me crazy, or lonely, forgive me I don't have any friends in
South Carolina yet, (well I do have one friend), so I bird
watch each morning while I having my tea....
My book says:
Laughing Gull,
Winter Plumage 15-17" see pg 385
Ok ,so mine wasn't so interesting but it's the fun of playing the game.
These are the five people I'm tagging!!!
1) Gina.... Purdy Wallcovering
2) Anna.......Anna Lloyd
3) Amy.......Artichokes & Lemonade
4) Cathleen.....Design by Cathleen


gina said...

O.K. Kate I have completed my book tag visit my blog to check it out.
A book I think you would like to read.

LKPCA said...

Fun tag! Copied and sent it on.

Joy said...

Ok I didn't get tagged but I thought I'd play just for s&g"s My book was "Painting Murals"
Dont worry if the tape comes away as you draw. Stick it back in place when you next pause. 3. Stand back and take a calculated look at the design. Has it come across as you intended? joy