Friday, June 5, 2009

New Eyeglasses for Gina

KAZUO KAWASAKI, an award winning industrial designer, has approached his signature eyewear collection with an artist''''s mind for creative eyewear design and a mathematician''''s mind for eyewear precision. Using simple, yet effective technology, Kazuo Kawasaki''''s screwless, three-point tension mounted frames offer distinctive eyewear designs for any occasion. KAZUO KAWASAKI frames are constructed of the leading material in modern frame design, beta titanium. Durable yet lightweight, beta-titanium is the ideal counterpart to the sophisticated design philosophy of KAZUO KAWASAKI eyewear..
So it's time for some new spiffy glasses. I am retiring the contacts!
I want something fun and a little out of the box
and of course stylish.
I have found these Kawasaki frames
I know they look a little familiar they are the same brand that Sarah Palin wears but hers are #704 and these are #705 deco
I have included some frame colors and patterns they have that I like.
Yes I love a little leopard!
so I am leaning towards those and I like the cranberry since my eyes are green and that is the complementary color to them.
so tell me what you think? and which frame pattern.


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

You don't want my help. I can take an entire day picking out frames, and then, I second guess whether I got the right ones until...the next time I have to pick out a new pair (which I need to do now). I like all of the ones you posted.

Good luck with your pick, Gina. I know you will pick the ones you will be happiest with. I want to see a pic after you get them.:)

Amy J said...

Cranberry sound nice if the compliment your eye color... but the leopard certainly are fun! Keep us updated on your choice!

kate said...

Gina, I think the leopard is cool, but if your wearing them everyday, i like the cranberry the best....

gina said...

Hi girls Thanks for helping me.
I will pretty much be wearing these when I am at work or going somewhere nice my tried and true tortoise shell Liz Claiborne will be for at home. I do love the lepard but my concern is pattern and outfits if it will clash or if it will be stylish and fun.