Friday, June 5, 2009

...Two years ago, I was staying at the
Sheraton Park Tower in London,
we were going to drive to Cornwall and I didn't want
a formal breakfast at the restaurant, so I decided
to walk a bit and find a restaurant.
Across the street was a Palestinian Deli, I walked
in and looked the place over.
The food in the Deli case looked Amazing.
Fresh made (though I didn’t what it was)and they had
Apricot Danish, if that wasn't enough to win me over. I asked the Palestinian man behind the counter,
if they made eggs, he said they had Hard Boiled Eggs. I was on this Healthy Diet, at the time, and
Hard Boiled Eggs were on my diet.
(Apricot Danish was defiantly not)
I ordered and sat down, with a lovely view of my Hotel.
The owner brought my Tea in a Beautiful Tea Cup and Pot,
with my Danish on the side, I watched as more Arab men
came and went from the Deli. I being the crazy American girl
who reads too many espionage books, thought each Arab
was a Terrorist, which added even more to my hunger
and Entertainment!!!
With my taste buds prepped the Palestinian
brought the most beautiful presentation of salad
sliced Tomato, and a hard boiled egg.
.I was in Heaven another adventure....


gina said...

Looks like HEAVEN and I miseed my chance. Maybe one day England, Italy, many places I need to go but to many kids and not enough time.

Lorna ~ Lace and Ivy Cottage said...

Tag you're it! Tag you're it! I've tagged you twice! Please come by my blog and see what it's all about. BTW, I love all your tea posts!