Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ring In the New Year.......Time for New Adventures

It's the start of a New Year, so I thought we would take a trip together ...for all you snow bound bunnies, on your mark, get packed, let's go. First, will stop off and pick up our mode of transportation!!!! That's right, you guessed it a totally decked out RV. For all you Designer's out there reading this, yes, we get to Decorate the RV. Design it in your own taste, including dishes, furniture and Bedding of your choice!!! Yeah. ( Maybe this will be a contest later!!)
Road trip........we are going to take off a few months and travel the States and stop where ever we like and stay as long as we like. Why, because this is my story and we can! So let's get out our maps, and high lighters and Go. Our starting point will be Charleston, SC The RV is packed and ready , we're heading North West on Interstate 26 to Asheville, North Carolina, there's not much to see on this drive through S.C., we're just trying to make good time to get to NC.
I see we are approaching the N.C. border, as altitude is climbing drastically before my eyes. We are now entering the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, called the Piedmont.
We climb from sea level to an elevation of 3,000 to 4,000 feet. I look on both sides of our RV while we wind around our first large mountain, just north of Spartansburg, heading towards Hendersonville. I'm grasping the arm of my chair while I look over the guard rail at the majestic beauty of this pine covered mountain. I own 3.5 acres in this Neck of the Woods (as they say her in N.C.) so we will stop for the night, after our short 4.5 hr. drive and enjoy the Hills. My acreage sits atop Stroud Mountain. We drive up the mountain and park the RV. I'm very excited to start up the generator and cook a great meal. Tonight, we will eat a la Fresca, over looking the Blue Ridge's almost dusk, we may see a wild turkey or peacock.
We set up camp with our table and chairs. He opens the wine and we wait for sunset. The deer start peeking out from the pine forest. We watch the moon rise, as we talk non stop, at almost a whisper, taking in this breathless moment. I can't help but notice the stars coming out, as we finish our wine. We head into our beautifully appointed RV, and make love all night.
This is the End Of Part I. I hope I have caught your attention. Check back in a day or two for
Part II or as we sometimes like to call it "On the Road Again" just can't wait to get back on the Road again.


Barb @ GritsandGlamour said...

Oh - your adventure sounds fun and just what me and my DH like to do. He says we will get an RV in a few years after I retire. He already has! LOL We love, love, love the mountains, too. I was born and raised about 15 minutes from the beach, but will drive 7 hours to go to the mountains instead. Its where I go to rejuvenate my soul.(and gamble a bit, too) :-) I can't wait to see where the roads lead you next. Thank you so much for stopping by my site and leaving me such kind words. Blessings, Barb

funkymonkey said...

What a fantastic place. I'll be back for part2.

Maggie B said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you liked it. Did you know that there is a collectors club for those of us mad about Quimper. for more details.
I love your road trip idea,some years ago my husband I rented an RV in Atlanta and went to Nashville,TN toured Virginia and stayed in Asheville so that we could visit the Biltmore Estate. It's well worth a look if you can spare the time.
We also visited Hilton Head on that trip and ended up buying a Marriott timeshare but that's another long but happy story. We do love S.C.
BTW I'm a transplanted Brit living in France which is another reason I love your blog!
talk later

Miss Vicky said...

G'Day Kate,
Love your site! I also love the quotes you write - so true!
I would just to say a big "Thank You" for your kind comments in ref to my blog.....
Thanks again Kate

Anonymous said...

I had no idea of the geography of the Carolinas and that North Carolina is so, well, almost mountainous. It looks lovely in the picture, as does your house in the first picture (if it is your house).

Ann D. Travers said...

How did your road trip go? I was on an impromptu road trip with my girls down your way recently. I'm curious about this country - your "neck of the woods". Lovely area. I'm looking for a good camping area (tent camping) in the Carolinas for this spring. Something off the beaten track. Any recommendations?