Tuesday, January 6, 2009

John Bull vs. Johnny Bull

It has been brought to my attention that we have too many cutesy piccie on our blog..... Not enough verbiage........even though I can carry a conversation with the best of them, I can attend a party and chatter all night, and tell a great story (one of my forte') But when it comes to blogging (99% of our audience are "girls" who like pretty pictures) I don't seem to say much. So here is goes, the topic tonight is Johnny Bull, how many of your girls have been to the Bahamas? Cruise? or any other Caribbean Island, don't you just love to shop for jewelry duty free??? Is it because it's cheaper, or because there is a plethora of it in front of you, or because your on Holiday and that's what your suppose to do on Holiday is spend money???? I think it is a combination of them all. My two girls will tell you, we don't travel without Mom buying anything they want on vacation or what kind of vacation would that be!!! With shows like the Real Housewives of Orange Country, what hope do we have??? Let alone I've taken both of them shopping since they were in stroller's (pram's) My youngest daughter is better picking out things for me than I am (since she has been 6) I admit I love to shop while on vacation, esp. in the Bahamas. Remember Gentlemen of the 1800‘s, he knew how to keep a wife happy, he told her he loved her everyday, treated her like a lady, like the most delicate lady he had ever met, pretended she is a china vase, that you treasure. Oh, for all of us girls to dream that a man would treat us like that, what hope do we have? With all the Romantic movies and books Girls watch and read. Do you know one Man who would ever Read or Watch any of those movies or books and really enjoy them? One of my favorite Movies is "Deja Vu", it's set in London, Paris and Jerusalem, I have shared it with quite a few people over the years and only women seem to enjoy it. Men just don't get it. We seem to live in two different places......remember Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. That's enough for today.....I didnt seem to talk about Johhny Bull too much, so I'll add this little blurb below. Links of London at John Bull & Co. Links of London was founded in 1990 specialising in unusual silver and gold cufflinks. Since then they have seen a meteoric rise as a must-have brand! The success of John Bull & Co. is due to them always having something new to offer and producing jewellery of the highest quality.


gina said...

You hit the nail on the head. As men and woman go (our relationships and how we treat each other) has definately changed even from 1950's and how my grandparents treated each other verses my parents. ie: long walks together, talking after dinner just the 2 of them. my parents were so busy with work etc. we didn't even eat dinner together as a family let alone they read or go see a movie together and if a woman wants jewelry she goes and picks it out and then tells him where to go to get it. Out went long bubble baths and a man rinsing your hair after it has been shampoo'd remember when?


That doesn't sound like any man I've every met! LOL
I do have to admit I'm a picture girl, I guess it has to do with our fast paced life's, you know life's a drive thru... :-)


Anonymous said...

The men v women scenario doesn't sound like anything I know. Yes, the guys with dough treated their women like china dolls and kept them happy with baubles and bling, but that was only to buy time so that they could be with their mistress. Maybe I'm being just a tad cynical. Maybe not. Mint juleps all round. Trebles at that.

Anonymous said...

Point taken. To redress the balance, let me say that nothing has cheered me more these past few days than hearing that some couples respond to each other's company after 40 just as they once did when they were young. So it is possible. But I don't think the relationship of men and women is time-related (as Gina does, believing that things have changed since the Fifties). I really do think that plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose (and aren't I just the bee's knees for getting the accents in the right place tho' I did have to look them up.)

kate said...

For all my readers that don't speak French or know common sayings from Britain, I will interpret Patricks Comment...
"The more things change, the more they remain the same" Sounds like poetry to me coming from an old cynic. Mint Julips all around.