Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Iv'e Been Challenged!!!!

Design by Cathleen Challenged me to tell 7 Different things about myself. It's a great way to to get to know other Blogger friends better. So when your done reading about me I will challenge a few others and we will learn more about their lives too. So here we go..... 1) My Two Daughters. Most important in my life. I'm proud that I've worked

hard to be a good mother and now 26 years later its really paid off. I'm so close

to both my girls. We are friends as well as mother and daughters. That makes me

happy. My Mom raised me that way. All the women in my family are strong,loving

women. I hope I'm passing that tradition onto my Girls.

Above: is Anna my youngest, and myself, sending her off to College in Charleston, SC. That was a year and a half ago now. She's grown alot in that time.

The other photo is of my oldest daughter Lindsey, who lives in Chicago now after graduating

from the Art Institute of Chicago, two years ago. She is pictured in Germany this

May on her first European visit. She is alot like me, artsy, nurturing, and intense about her


2) Family--- Mother ..loving, kind, caring, made a wonderful home for us, overpowered

by my father.

Father...tough, sarcastic, made a good living for his family, smart, worked his way up from nothing, proud

Sister....loving, good mother, warm, shy, giving.

My sister and I are close in ways others can't be because we have a bond that we survived my father. We talk about being around a tough man, who never gives any form of support

or a positive word. Funny enough, I've always felt closer to him than my Mother, I think

only because I've been trying to get some positive feedback for 54 years and still have not

received any. You'd think i would have given up by now, but you know Fathers and daughters.

He's still the alpha male in my life.

My Dad is pictured above with Lindsey, my oldest. ) Friends.....are so important to me. As a girl you know we have to get out 3,000 words a day. So who better than a girlfriend. Their there at happy times, sad times. And always have your back. What more can be said. Pictured above: Gina and I after 8 1/2 hrs of Christmas shopping. Boy, do I look worn out!! But happy. 4) Kitty.......An eternal source of love and cuddling. She's always there for me. 5) Books and Movies.......... What can I say. They are both an intricate part of my life. I like period books and movies the best. Give me Pride and Predjustice any day. I read all Tracy Chevalier books, if you haven't read any of her books, and you enjoy Historical Novels, please try them. Each one is as good as the next. But I'm also a sucker for a good Romantic Comedy, give me Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal anyday.

6) also a huge part of who I am. Whether it's watercolors, drawing, Interior

Design, making Jewelry or just looking at Historical Architecture. I love it all, I absorb

it. Give me lunch and lingering in a gallery any day. the only Vermeer I've ever seen, I was at Hampstead Heath, north of

London, on Easter Monday, at Kenwood. I was transposed into the picture.

7) Tea.....all my friends know tea is a huge part of my life. Whether

it's making tea ( I love mixing my own blends), buying tea, or enjoying Friends at a High Tea. I travel the country and England, looking for the most perfectly served tea. I'm a conisuire. I enjoy it so. Sometimes the simplest is the best, Cream Tea in Cornwall, with clotted cream!!

Well, that's my seven challenges, I haven't mentioned men in this (couldn't go there right

now) All of the above is all me...........Katie

Lingering, relaxing.

I am going to share this challenge and pass it on to others. Thanks to Design by Cathleen for inviting me to the challenge, it takes alot of time at this Holiday Season, but it was fun to soul search. So here are the bloggers I'm inviting to the 7 Things Challenge...... OK Go........(my older daughters boyfriends old band)


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5) Gina


The Feathered Nest ( my favorite Blog!!!!!)




What a beautiful job! Your daughters are so tall and beautiful, like their mother! We do have so much in common, Why do we feel men need to validate us?

I really enjoyed getting to know you better! Thank you


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Kate!

What great fun getting to know you! It looks like you are fairly new to blogland and I'd sure like to give you a big welcome!!

I will certainly accept your challenge about the 7 things, I may not be able to post it til after the holidays but I'll try for sooner.

Big holiday hugs to you! Sherry

gina said...

Well Kate I think you did a terrific job on your challenge. I know you even better now haha gina

Amy Jemima said...

Kate – this is very bizarre, but I just realized that I know you!!! I’m Amy from Bombay!!! OMG! It has been ages since I’ve seen you. How are you? It just sort of clicked that it might be you, then I remembered seeing something about your daughters so looked to see if you mentioned their names, and low and behold: Anna and Lindsey!