Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've been challenged by Kate

So the challenge is to tell you seven things about myself and then challenge others to the same. 1. I am married to a great guy Bobby and we have 4 girls that's right I said 4 girls no boys. I tried very hard for a son but it just wasn't meant. When I found out with my last pregnancy that I was having a girl I was very upset because I knew this was the last one and it wasn't a boy. After many days of crying I accepted the results and moved forward. What was I going to do with a boy anyway after having 3 girls I knew what to expect and had all the clothes etc for a girl. Now that she is here I wouldn't have it any other way. Girls are a pure JOY. Hannah 13, Emalie 11, Natalie 5 and Jessica 2 2. I own a wallpaper store in downtown Sarasota and have a passion for wallpaper. I also have a blog please visit and I hope you enjoy. 3. I love CHOCOLATE and I love to bake chocolaty things esp. chocolate chip cookies. I have a great recipe they are thin, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. mmm...... 4. My favorite food is Italian. I love Chicken Parm. with homemade sunday gravy from scratch, Chicken Piccata, Braciola, wild mushrooms with Ravioli. The smell (and taste) of Rosemary makes me happy. If my family would let me I would eat and make Italian food every night. 5. I love to read. But with a big family, my wallpaper store, and just getting thru the day I only read at night after everyone is in bed usually by 9pm. I just finished reading the Twilight series and I am a Edward Cullen fan! My Favorite movie of all time is "You've got mail" 6.I love country music and I love Trisha Yearwood. I just bought her new cook book Georgia cooking in an Oklahoma kitchen. I can't wait to make her blackberry cobbler this summer when the berries are in. 7.I am going to visit my Best Friend Kate (who just move to Charleston last week and challenged me) in April and we are going to visit The Biltmore House during the Festival of Flowers. I can't wait!


kate said...

this is so sweet, just like you i guess....


Hi Gina,

Loved you 7 things! I have 3 daughter! I knew if we tried for a 4th it would be a GIRL! And they have been life's greatest blessing! The youngest is my sweetest!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the informative information - I enjoyed reading it! I always enjoy this blog. :) Cheers,