Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Comes First?

It's Spring in Charleston and nothing is better than being outdoors, digging in the dirt. It came to mind, as in everything I do. Do I need great looking Accessories??? Well of course. So what comes first the Gardening or the Accessories!!! Aren't these the most beautiful Wellies you've ever seen? Definitely, look like Spring to me!!! But if I was going to work in the Garden and then run to the store with no time to change. It would definitely be these!! They would always be fab!!! Spring, Summer (Polo Matches) Fall and Winter....I would be proud to be seen in these myself or any of my friends in these for that matter!!! But of course if it got really Hot one Spring Day, while I was working away I could always try these Slide on's........ Then I was thinking if my FEET look great. I really need the rest of me to be all pulled together too!!! So how about some Garden Gloves to keep my Manicure perfect while working sooooo hard....... Aren't these Beautiful????? But what if I wanted gloves to go with all my patterned Wellies? Maybe I should get a solid color. So many decisions!!!!! I think these will work, stylish, colorful and looks like I could go Mountain climbing if the urge struck!!! And what about my poor little Head? I think I need a hat to shelter my skin from the harmful suns rays.......Haa , who Am I kidding? I lived in Florida 21 years and never wore a hat. I don't really think this looks like my style....SO How about this?????? I think this is more my will be perfect... And though this bag seems to hold everything I could possibly need to Garden even the Knee Pad..... I think I'll get this GEM, it's more me!!! Now that all my Gardening Accessorizes are selected and I'm fully dressed. Am I ready to Garden??? Yes, you think, you should know better......I've couldn't stop thinking about it all night. A New Potting Bench. Maybe....... Definitely this One!!!! So does designing ever end? You know the answer to that, everyday is a new Day with more possibilities Designing Never Ends!!!! For more Great Gardening Ideas..... Ck out this great Website I used Katie


gina said...

I love the wellies, and the benches. great pictures. you are always into someting new.

Amy J said...

Love the wellies! Are they Cath Kidston? Def hat # 2, if you must, and potting bench #2. I would love to have that! Thanks for posting my dream gardening gear! You have great taste Kate! :-)

kate said...

Good to hear from guessed it
Stone Roses Wellington Boots

£38.00 inc VAT !!!
Dont you just love England, I cant get enough of it.....
why dont you jump in Gina's suitcase and come up next week.

The Stylish House said...

Hi Kate,
I always enjoy visiting your site! It is a bit soggy around here of late. A pair of wellies would come in handy!

Roxie said...

I say accessories first! LOL Thanks for visiting my blog, it's so nice to meet you.
Love the first pair of boots. I don't garden, but I want them! LOL