Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!!!

Happy Earth Day, I don;t want to START preaching....but I did want to say a few things, TODAY on EARTH DAY!!!!! If everyone reading this would just make a firm decision to change today, just one little thing in the their life, Like not buying water bottles, or to recycle everything you get your hands on, even at work....... Use the new light bulbs that are out there, Teach children and Grandchildren to respect the Earth by doing these things, we could hopefully make a difference. Can you imagine, if you and your neighbors, and Family and Friends, all started today, just doing ONE THING different tomorrow and forever What a big impact that could be!!!!

Get your own personalized Grocery Bags!!!
In the 70's I used to drive across town, once
a week to recycle before they had recycling
at your curb, I have never bought Water bottles
I've always taken my own glass to work and In the
car, just because. Plant a tree this weekend,,,, with your children
or Grandkids!!!!!
Make a Veggie Garden with your kids, if you don't
have a yard, use containers, get an Earth Box.
My daughter lives in Downtown Chicago and
does this, you can't believe the tomato's, zucchini,
lettuce, radishes......she grows all in containers. bags are everywhere!!!!
We never called it "Green" in the 70's we just did it
because it would
make the world a better place. Now we have
to do it, we don't have a choice anymore,
think of our Grandkids and their Kids.
I guess I was fashionably cool without
even knowing it!!!
Hope your are tooooooo!!!!!!!


Suzie said...

Thank you, Kate for the reminder!
Recycling is so natural now that I feel guilty throwing a plastic bottle! Have you seen Al Gore’s“An Inconvenient Truth"? I opened my eyes after watching this, but still.. I feel guilty!!! :(
Great posting!!

Amy J said...

Great post!!! Happy (belated) Earth Day and keep on Recycling!

Anonymous said...

I think recycling is great. I use to recycle when we lived in Indiana but since we moved to Texas, the city we live in doesn't do that and I haven't found out where the recycling plant is.

Good idea...I'll check into it.