Sunday, September 21, 2008

lazy day craft project

Queen of Recycling

any on who knows me, knows this is who i am.
and this simple craft project, followings right into that
category. i am always looking for new ways to recycle.
it started with a jam jar.
one day i was rinsing out an old jam jar to throw into
recycling bin, and while washing the jar, i could see
the beauty in it and didn't want to throw it away.
i left it on the counter for a few days not knowing
what i would do with the jar. steve and i were spending the weekend at coconut point resort. they had a lovey
tub with great views of coconut palms. there was a little dish of sea salts on the marble countertop. i said "this
is it, i can turn my beautiful jar into a great addition to my spa tub. a beautiful shell, with a little left over raffia
and some bath salts, and presto. A fabulous bath accessory as nice as something you would pick up at
Robinson Spry Interiors (but dont stop shopping there) gina and i both love martha stewart, for her
design sense as well as being a fabulous business woman. we would like to share with you some of our
simple ideas, that real women have time to create. we all have hectic, busy lives. we will try and bring
some beauty and simplicity into yours. we value your comments as well as your friendship. k & g.


Lindsey L. Delahanty said...

I LOVE this idea. How cute!! I'm looking forward to bath season coming up!

kate said...

This looks like it will be a lot of fun for you to do. I like the recycling craft idea!! Good luck with it.. I look forward to checking it out regularly! Thanks for sharing your blog. Belinda

kate said...

Dear Kate, That is too cute and soothing,,Ill have to admit I didn't and still really dont know what a BLOG is but I liked yours and Gina's, gee it must be WoNdErFuL to have the time to Create something like that! Especially on the computer,, the other day i sat down to compose just a basic form for the machines,, tee hee, all I really needed was a basic grid line that was hour later I decided to get out my ruler and pencil and I was done in 15, minutes...On the other hand, I had to laugh about the sea salt container// while I was looking at it I was thinking well isnt she just Martha Stewart...and had to giggle just that you mentioned it.. my mom's name was Martha and she used to tell me that I should have been named it instead because thats what i do with stuff as well...Oh well ...Joy

kate said...

Hi Kate -

Belinda wrote....
I do have some great pictures that would be fun to share.
The office where I am now working is marginal with recycling. The owners are very conscious of waste and tree-killing so we never buy scratch paper – we cut up our waste office paper into quarters and use it for notes. They also discourage printing emails and things that aren’t necessary and there is a recycling bin in the kitchen for cans and plastics, etc. They also use as few lights in the building as possible. But, unfortunately, their pocketbook is what makes their choices so they balk at buying the 100% or 70% recycled office paper because of the cost. They wouldn’t put the extra money out for a copy machine that did double sided copies, etc. etc. One problem is getting the other employees to participate. I constantly see juice bottles and other recyclables in the trash and try to put them where they belong. And a couple of them still just throw their paper in the trash instead of carrying it to the recycling bin. So – I do what I can without being a pain in their necks!