Friday, September 26, 2008

HI, i hope everyone is enjoying our new blog. I know blogging is a new idea to us
old folks but i think we should stay right up there with the new techno or we will
be come old folks!! The website isn't as user friendly as i had hoped, so you have to do
a little more hunting and pecking. But we really like having our own space to share
new ideas and info with others. We are by no means literary critics or TV Diva's but
what the "Hey" we can all learn together. I don't seem to have time to have a real
book club, where we read a book and go to a friends house and talk about it, so we
have created a format that we can all do that together, as well as all our other loves,
photos, animals, women's health issues, etc. and that's why we are all friends because
our common interests
brought us together. Please send updates of your lives when you can. Sandra you
must have beautiful pictures of Arizona we would all love to see!! Etc, Etc, Etc.
This photo was taken by Lindsey on here resent vacation to Germany!!
Please take a few minutes this weekend, and add to our blog, which is really your
blog too!!!! Thanks , k & g.