Friday, July 10, 2009

Tea Time Tuesday.....

Welcome to Tea Time Tuesday!!! I hope everyone enjoys themselves, we have quite a few Teas' to attend so lets go. Some of my favorite memories of Tea are in I am on my birthday in Windsor UK, so excited to go to Tea. Tea varies from village to village (photo, below thanks to Mary at Across the Pond) is a typical "Cream Tea" which is served with Fruit Sconces (Raisin) or Plain scones and all the trimmings but very informal. Each pub in every village has Tea, each has its on unique set of Tea China , below, is a photo I took after I had tea at a tiny pub on a cliff overlooking the Sea, in Mevagissey, Cornwall. Tea was as lovely ( in a small pub) as it is, in the city of Truro in Cornwall.

Below, Tea at the famous Orangery, on the grounds at
Kensington Palace, the last home that Princess Di lived in before
her untimely death. It is open to the public, be prepared to
wait in line, but is it well worth the wait. It is the most beautiufully
appointed Tea I've ever been to in the world I hope everyone enjoyed Tea Time Tuesday and please come
each week......after all we should all treat ourselves to Tea
at least once a week....until then
Ta, Ta


Amy J said...

Yum! Looks so good. I'm craving a good old cream tea. Might have to do one this weekend. Not the same, but better than nothing! :-)

Alicia said...

Cream tea...oh Kate thank you but now I need to eat so my waist is not so thankful. All kidding aside, grattitudes for sharing.
Peace & ice cream.

vicki archer said...

Totally delicious, xv.

caren said...

Kate ~ I am so jealous! I think we must be kindred spirits - I would love to see all Princess Di's dresses and have tea! How wonderful! I'm so glad you are BFF's with Paul too!!!!! Thanks for visiting me.....I will be back to visit you!

Mary said...

Hi Kate, I am still not able to find your link to Teatime Tuesday. Can you email me with some info? Thanks so much!!!