Monday, October 6, 2008

k and g bookclub

Hi, Well, im finally getting around to telling you the purpose gina and i started the k and g bookclub. we thought it would be fun to swap books that we enjoyed reading. we would have a bookclub on line for those of us who dont have time to attend a bookclub at a friends house. so here goes. I read a book and then go on line to our blog and review it , i then list it as avaiable for anyone one of our readers to read. You let us know which book you like to read and we mail or lend it to you. then you go on line to our blog and do the same, you can mail a book any where in the U>S> for $1.51. now thats cheaper than buying a new book. Then you list your books you have on line to us and review them. and on and on and here we go!!! Ready, set, Read.


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